Will my trees live after Transplanting?
Yes, all trees sold by Strese's Tree Service Inc. are guaranteed for survival for one year if properly taken care of. Strese's Tree Service Inc.'s rate of survival is over 98% on spaded trees, which is above industry standards and we are very proud of this.

Can you move my trees?
Strese's Tree Service Inc. can move trees for you if your yard is accessible with a large truck.

When is the best time of year to move trees?
We move trees during spring, summer and fall. Trees moved during the hot summer months are moved with a larger spade, ensuring more native soil and feeder roots are attached, which results in better tree survival.

What is the proper care of trees after transplanting?
Use 4-6 inches of wood mulch--this keeps the ground cool and moist and weed competition down, preventing damage from lawn mowers.

A tree should have 1 inch of water per week, whether it be from mother nature or the garden hose. Take care not to drown your trees, and do not use drip irrigation. Water less often in late summer.

What is the cost of moving trees?
Call or email Cole at Strese's Tree Service Inc. for a free tree moving estimate.