Don't Cut Down Your Beautiful Trees

Turn to us for licensed tree services in Dennison & Lakeville, MN

Beautiful cedars, firs and pines are incredible natural landscaping features that you want to preserve. When you're building a new structure or overhauling your landscape, do what you can to preserve our area's native fauna by calling Strese's Tree Service, Inc in Dennison & Lakeville, MN. We offer tree moving services and can keep your trees growing tall in a new location.
Call 507-298-1005 now for a free estimate on your tree transplant services. We also offer special discounts.


3 reasons why you should choose our team

If you want to save the trees on your property, let us do all the heavy lifting. You'll want our experts for licensed tree services because we're:

  1. Licensed and bonded for your reassurance
  2. Professional and provide free estimates and consultations
  3. Experienced with over two decades of work under our belts

Plus, we have the largest spades in the area and are properly equipped for jobs both large and small. Contact us now about moving your trees. We can refer you to a trusted company if you'd rather cut down your trees.

Create the landscape you want for your property

It's a shame to cut down old growth or flowering fruit trees. Instead of removing these testaments of nature's bounty, turn to our experienced team. With our licensed tree services, we can:

Move your trees and replant them in a different part of your property
Take away your trees and find a new home for them elsewhere
Alter the scope of your landscape by shifting major features

Since 1995, we've been helping our clients preserve the beautiful trees on their properties. Speak to our owner today about saving your trees by moving them.